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The team of experts at Liana Solutions can provide you with a variety of services, such as -

  • Consultation and assistance in your projects
  • Building proof-of-concept applications and carrying out feasibility studies
  • Designing and building software as per your requirements
  • Delivering a product that is based on our bespoke software
  • Carrying out due diligence and design & code reviews for existing software

We work with you to identify and understand your requirements. After we complete our initial discussions, we provide you with a scope and effort estimate. We use one or more of these technologies to build the software -

  • WPF, Silverlight & Windows Forms for desktop application development
  • ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and AJAX with Silverlight for web application development
  • Windows Communication Foundation for service-oriented applications
  • Windows Workflow Foundation to implement business processes and workflows
  • SQL Server 2005/2008 for database applications
  • Windows Azure and SQL Azure for cloud-based applications
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 application development

We have extensive experience in working with proprietary interfaces available as web services, remote database connections, and, in some cases, raw network traffic to design and develop software. We have use the above technologies to build our own products as well as software for clients. Samples of our work and application notes of our prdocuts will be available in the near future. Some of the projects we have carried out -

  • A platform for the financial services industry - Built with ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, SQL Server 2005, WCF and WF, this platform enables advisers and their clients to manage their investments and assets. We are currently working developing applications for mobile devices including Windows Phone 7
  • A franchise network system that enables more than 100 franchises of a prominent real-estate organization across Australia to connect with the headquarters and carry out all their business activities. We used ASP.NET with SQL Server 2005 to build the web application.
  • Call accounting & billing solution - We have built an accounting & billing solution for managed serviced providers to help them integrate multiple telephony vendor platforms into a singular structure. The solution has been developed with ASP.NET MVC 2, Silverlight 4, and SQL Server 2008 with an OData service for synchronization of data across multiple data providers.
  • Suppy chain management for a construction material manufacturer - We have used Windows Workflow Foundation with SQL Server 2008 to build a business process for the client. The software manages the core operations of the organization including scheduling manufacturing processes, delivery and installation of goods and followup of their customers.